The Table: a Gathering of Teachers

“Mary turned to him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” which means teacher.” John 20:16


Jesus goes by many names.  Lord, Savior, Son of God, Son of Man, Teacher.  Of all the names Mary Magdalene could have cried out when she first sees Jesus resurrected, she chooses Rabonni, teacher.  Teacher is a holy word and a holy calling.

What role do teachers play in our world today?  What role do Christian teachers play in our world today?  The Bible says that when we begin to walk with Christ we are made new, that the Holy Spirit takes up dwelling inside of us and we are no longer who we were before.  We live no longer according to the law of sin but according to grace.  There is something different about us.   There should be something different about the way we teach.

But how do we share the love of Christ with our students when the world has so clearly drawn lines between our private and career lives?  How do we love our students with the love of Christ without being able to proclaim the name of Christ?  Public schools are full of Christian teachers, and yet so often, we feel alone and overwhelmed.


My hope is to create a local gathering of Christian teachers to open up much needed dialogue, support, and community.  This is a project still in the stages of immense prayer and few specifics, but here are the hopes:

  • a monthly gathering at local restaurants, where we will pose questions and further dialogue.  Questions of focus might be:
    • What are practical ways to love our students with the love of Christ?
    • What are the biggest challenges we face in our schools today?  How, as Christians, do we rise to those challenges?
    • With early mornings, long days, and work piled up at home, how can we balance it all to care for ourselves spiritually?
  • a Facebook group where we can share resources, prayer requests, etc.  (This group will remain private to protect our members’ privacy.)
  • a blog update each month, serving as an overview of what was discussed during our meeting for teachers who would like to join the conversation from afar.


The Table will meet the first Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted) for happy hour drinks, food, and conversation.  We are taking a break for the summer but will meet back in August or September.  If you are interested in attending, please fill out this survey and I will be in touch!



A Recap of our March Happy Hour


A Recap of our April Happy Hour




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Interested in doing more than just attending?  Send me an email to join in on the prayer and planning.  I would love to grow our team!