My philosophy on teaching is simple: kids need to know that you care, and when they know that you care, they might just begin to learn.

I believe in authentic, student-centered learning and hands on experiences.  I want fewer worksheets and more adventure.  I want students to run into my room with a new book, eager to gain my attention because they just have to share what they’re learning.  “Ms. Green!  Ms. Green!  Have you read Flush?!  You will never believe what happened in my book last night.”

I want fewer worksheets and more adventure.

I dream to be a teacher who inspires, a teacher who looks at a child and sees more than the misfortune of a hard home life.  I want to be a teacher who believes in her students and teaches her students to believe in themselves.  I want to be a teacher who takes deficit language and throws it out the window, replacing “can’t’s” with “cans.”  I believe that as human beings, we are bursting with potential just waiting to be uncovered.

I want to see literature come to life in my classroom.  I want books to fly off the shelves as we get lost in the adventure of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  I want to travel back into the 1950s with Paperboy and away to the future with When You Reach Me.  I want to rediscover the classics and uncover the newest literary treasures.

I want my students to not be kids who do science, or kids who write, but within the walls of my classroom we are scientists, we are writers, and when we take on those identities they can surpass the confines of school walls and travel with us the rest of our lives.

I want my students to be successful.  I want to use the best and newest research based practices because my students deserve the best.  We will learn test taking skills for what they are, a skill set, and not a way of life.

I want to be the best teacher I can be, and that means constantly reevaluating my practices.  I want to learn and grow and change and evolve right alongside my students, never becoming static or complacent.  With humility and grace, we are always growing up.


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Fellow Teachers,

My hope for this space is that it would turn into a collaborative and supportive place to share with and learn from each other.  As I journey farther into my teaching career, I will be writing more about kids, education, and specific lesson plans.  Have an idea or a collaboration project you think I might be interested in?  Send it my way!

In the meantime, keep on being great, and keep on fighting for your students.  You are deeply, deeply valued.




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