TBT, Vol. 7: Soccer Player

Sometime in 1999 (age 6)

Entry from interactive book titled “Friendship Secrets”


soft smiles & sunflowers in ’99


This is the person who most often makes me angry:  my brother

That’s because: He is a pest and he allwas wants he’s way!!!

My biggest worry is that: My mom will have a baby and then I can not get a dog.

I’d like to live here: soccer player

I’d love to visit these faraway places: Afrcae and Japan





Little Erin has had quite the journey as a writer: from age six to age 22, every moment has been intricately documented.  You can check out the rest of my TBTs here.


TBT, Vol. 6: Still the One

No date.  Estimated publication date 2006 (age 13)


Still the One

he’s still the one I think about every night

the one I can’t get out of my dreams

I thought I was over him

ready to move on to bigger and better things

but as I lye here tonight

holding his bear close

tears rolling silently down my cheeks

I relize that he’s still the one

memories flood my mind

of brighter days

days when we were together

days full of warmth, safety and love

but those times are gone

replaced by loss and self-doubt

I thought this was what I wanted

but how can I enjoy this life

when my hearts still belongs to him?

I don’t know if things will ever be the same

the only love I ever knew

I threw it all away


TBT, Vol. 5: Don’t Ask Why

February 27, 2004 (age 11)

Now to a totaly different subject- I’m obsessed with American Idol!  I hated it the 1st season (don’t ask why), and fell in love the second!  Kelly Clarkson won the 1st time, and Ruben Studdard won the second.  Kelly is really cool, but I’m in love with Ruben!  He’s awesome!  I’m puttin his pic on da next page, cuz u just HAVE 2 C him!


Okay, so he’s a little overweight, but he has a hell of a voice!  He’s going on tour, and will be in Houston & Dallas soon.  I HAVE To go!!  I’ve never been to a concert, and I don’t think my family will ever take me, but it’s worth a try!  I won’t stop begging until I die!  In fact, I’m gonna go look up the exact dates on my computer.  l8a!  -Erin


***Epilogue: I did not get to attend the 2004 Ruben Studdard tour.

TBT, Vol. 4: It’s Time to Celebrate!

December 17, 2002 (age 9)

Dear Diary,

I feel awfull!  I lost the bracelet my mom gave me for my birthday!  I wore it to school, and I still had it when I got home, but then I went to Jack’s b-day party.  Jack is Morganne’s baby brother.  I got home and went to take a shower.  When I undressed I relized that it was gone!  It’s nowhere in my house, we looked everywhere!  I’m so worried.  What if it came off while me and Morganne were outside?  I should have saved it for a special occasion!  Woah!  Where’d the time go?  It’s allready 9:45!  I’ve gotta get some rest, our class Christmas party is tomarrow.  Bye!  -Erin

P.S. I aced the math test!


December 19, 2002 (still 9)

Dear Diary,

It’s time to celebrate!  My mom found my bracelet!  It was laying in the middle of the hall.  Isn’t that great?!






TBT, Vol. 3: So cute & sweet

Two posts combined: fifth grade Erin describes the boys she has crushes on.  “Frog dude” is the name of my journal (fuzzy, with a frog on the front, purchased from Claire’s)


December 29th, 2003 (age 10)

Okay frog dude, we need a news flash.  U don’t no who I like.  Alex is smokin’!  He’s smaller than me, but he’s super tan, brown eyes, brown hair.  He’s so cute & sweet!  Caroline and him were supposed to be “going out” awhile back, but that’s all died down.  He totally acts like he’s trippin’!  I no I am!

P.S. Lizzie (my pet rat) died a month ago


February 25, 2004 (still age 10)

Yo!  Sup?  I have a few more minutes to write until our next assignment.  Oh, so here it is: Travis is about my height, short, black spiky hair.  He’s not overweight, but a little on the chubby side.  (I think it’s cute!)  He wears really cool clothes, and do-rags sometimes.  G2G!



TBT, Vol. 2: I luv him

Here it is: my second installment of TBT.  Like before, all names have been changed because it’s embarrassing and these sweet boys didn’t sign up for it.


October 22, 2004 (age 11)

Charlie is an awesome boyfriend!  I just got back from the Bowie game and he was there.  He’s so hot!  B4  he left we hugged like 3 times, it was so cute! We’ve been going out for 2 weeks and 1 day.  I luv him so much!  He shows my picture to everyone and brags about me all the time!  We sat 2gether at lunch and he called me after skool.  Jessica and Brad went to the game too, Brad was like all over her, but it was really cute.  I wish me and Charlie were like that!  I guess we will be soon, I like him a lot!  Nothin else to say, so bye!


November 20, 2004  (still 11)

I broke up with Charlie after a month, he’s so annoying!  The day after I dumped him, Sam asked me out.  He’s really cool so obviously I said yes.



flirty girl circa 2004






TBT, Vol. 1: He broke up with me on AIM

The moment you’ve all been waiting for- my first TBT post.  So here it is, my first installment of TBT, a journal entry from sixth grade Erin.

I was an extremely long winded adolescent, with a lot of feelings, so I’ve edited this post to show you the highlights.  Names have been changed because it’s embarrassing for all parties involved.


August 6th, 2005 (age 12)

Wow!  I haven’t written in forever!  Alright so I loved John a lot, I was crazy about him.  He went to Denver for three weeks in July, and the night before we were on the phone for four hours saying how much we loved each other and we gonna miss each other.  After that we didn’t see or talk to each other for his entire vacation.  I had missed him so much, it was unbearable.  He called the night he got home and I was freaking out- so excited to hear his voice.  I guess that feeling wasn’t mutual, he acted like we had talked the day before.  …  He wasn’t the boyfriend he used to be.  The amazing, sweet, spontanious, crazy about me guy he had been before he left.  Things had changed. we both knew it.  I had thought that once we saw each other things would be the same.  I guess he didn’t.  He broke up with me on AIM on July 21st- we had been going out 2 1/2 months.  …I really miss who I thought he was.  But by now I’m over him, I just miss him sometimes.

So I’ve been single for awhile, and Joe and Caroline broke up about a week ago.  I loved him so much when we went out, maybe even more than John.  It took me more than three months to get over Joe.  Now that he’s single, he told me he liked me more than Caroline and he wants to get back together.  Now, it sounds like the perfect happy ending, but it get’s complicated.  His best friend Travis likes me too, a lot.  I liked Travis for about a week (last week) and I think I still do a little bit.  But Joe is so amazing, and I know that it would work our way better with us than with Travis.  But I can’t be with Joe while I like Travis, obviously.  This was all really confusing awhile ago but I think I’ve figured it out.  Right now I like Joe more than Travis.  Joe won’t let himself like me if I like his best friend and he likes me.  So when I’m certain that I don’t like Travis I’ll tell Joe and we’ll live happily ever after. …This is really hard…but I need to follow my heart and be with Joe.  …okay my hand hurts.  Bye!



staring into your soul//contemplating life




Introducing Throwback Thursday

Some people have pictures to remember the past.  I, however, have something much more incredible: journals dating back to April 2000.  I have intricately journaled every part of my life for the past fifteen years.  I am now ready to take full advantage of that, by publishing one of these original journal entries each week.  Whether innocent or angsty, poetic or passionate, they will be revealed in their entirety.  Every typo and every tear stained page, published for the world to see.

Stay with me through this journey back to the beginning of a new millennium.  It all begins next Thursday, January 8th.  Let the countdown begin…



“Dear Diary,  Sorry I had to stop in the middle.  But my mom came in.  (I was useing my reading light.)”  -Erin Taylor Green,  November 2000, age 7