Chasing Dreams: Natalie Coulter of Mint & Maple Designs

Natalie Coulter is the artist and business owner behind Mint & Maple Designs.  Mint & Maple offers everything paper: custom wedding invitation designs, hand lettering, greeting cards, stationery and artwork – all designed and hand lettered by Natalie herself.


“I love making things that make people feel special. In a world where text messages or generic, overpriced cards are your only options, Mint & Maple is dedicated to making things that cut through the clutter and deliver a fresh, thoughtful touch. I put my heart into everything I make and hope that these designs and cards give people smiles!”


Natalie is a dream chaser and a believer in using her talents to spread the light of Jesus.  “My dream is that I will use the gifts God has given me to glorify Him. Today, I believe that looks like running Mint & Maple and leading and teaching young women about Jesus.”
“I think for most of my 24 (almost 25) years of life, my fear of failure has made many decisions for me. It plagued me. I wouldn’t play tennis with my friends because “I never played tennis in high school and tennis just isn’t my ‘thing,’ so what’s the point of playing if you’re not good?” That was my mindset. It was exhausting. After graduating college, I took a hard look at the things that held me back from the abundant life that Jesus promises. If it’s a PROMISE from God that he gives life to the full, then why did I only have glimpses of it? It wasn’t until I truly gave those fears to the Lord (and through many tears and talks with my husband, Josh, and friends) did I realize that freedom is available TODAY.”
“So for me, Mint & Maple isn’t just about building and owning my own business, it’s about using my gifts of creativity and leadership and take a step of faith in doing something I love. I don’t want to let my fear of failure make any more decisions for me.”
Natalie took that leap of faith in starting her own creative company, and Jesus has blessed that leap of faith immensely.  Today, Mint & Maple is a thriving new business, and Natalie gets to wake up each day with another opportunity to do what she loves.


 You can find Mint & Maple at, on Etsy, and on instagram.


The best part about Natalie and her dream?  We are teaming up for a giveaway of this beautiful print.  All you have to do is follow @eringreen and @mintandmaple on instagram, like the picture on both accounts, and tag a friend in each.  That’s it! We will announce a winner on Friday!



Are you chasing a dream?  Do you have a creative business you’d like to showcase?  I am all about chasing dreams, and I would love to team up with you.  Send me and email and let’s continue the conversation!


Chasing Dreams: Emily Haas

“As followers of Christ we are allowed to do the things that make us jump up and down when we think about doing them.” -Emily Haas

I am unbelievably excited to launch this project today, and am even more excited to be sharing the dreams of one of my favorite people in the entire world.  Emily Haas is a mountain climber, an incredibly wise and talented woman of God, and an incredible musician and artist.  She has been more of an encouragement to me than almost anyone else in chasing my dreams, and so it only makes sense to start this project where it all began.  Read the sweet sweet words of an incredible woman.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.09.41 PM

What is your dream? 

I want to live musically. I want to know what it feels like to silence a strategically lighted room full of strangers and then build them up in a rising chorus fueled by graceful guitar licks and crashing symbols. My dream is to write and jam and cook dinner with close friends; my dream is to be able to pick up any instrument and help it produce something magical. A few bitter Michigan weeks ago, while reflecting on some important words from a friend, I remarked that the process of sounding out a song was the nervous joy of picking up a pebble only to discover it contained the entire universe inside its tiny frame – at once, all is fragile and mighty and I know God is deeply and powerfully good.

Why are you chasing your dream? 

It took a while to figure out that the best way to be good at something is to suck at it a while. Oh, how my desire for perfection disagrees with that perspective! It took me about twenty years to taste even an inkling of my freedom in Christ but especially in the context of grace & gifts.

As followers of Christ we are allowed to do the things that make us jump up and down when we think about doing them. The beautiful things in our lives are a result of a creative and good God – there is always an avenue for us, as believers, to create, climb mountains, to take out the recycling in a way that brings glory to Christ.

I truly believe that and certainly don’t practice glory-perspective as often as I’d like – but what joy when my mind and heart are aligned in thanksgiving and submission to the One Good Thing.

So, why now?

Because I’m alive now. I will hold fast to the goodness of my God and not the lie that “I’m not good enough,” because shoot, I freaking love to do this. So what if I don’t get to be Neko Case or Regine Chassagne – I’ll have worked diligently at something magic.

I will have discovered and developed pieces of myself that the liar would of preferred to have kept secret.

I always thought to have a shot with music I would have to be someone’s parasite – I have since realized that I must work, ask for help and invite others in if I want to accomplish what I dream of – which is to learn, create and encourage.



emEmily is selling her album, the Seven Psalms Project, for $10 to fundraise for her summer at Wilderness Ranch.  This is a purchase you will not regret.

You can find her music here:

Band Camp



Thank you, Emily, for chasing your dream and for sharing it with us.  You are brave and encouraging and faithful.  Thank you.



Chasing Dreams

I started this blog because it has always been my dream to be a writer.  I want to write words that somehow seem to fall into place in just the right order to form sentences and ideas and stories and encouragement and truth.  I want to see my name on the cover of a book, my words traveling across borders.  I started this blog because writing is my dream, and I believe in the importance of chasing dreams.

In my short 22 years of life, I have met and continue to meet so many who share my passion for dreaming- for dreaming big, and for not being content to letting them remain dreams.  In the spirt of their dreams and my dreams, I am excited to announce my newest project: Chasing Dreams.

I will be sharing stories and featuring the products and projects of those who have taken a leap and began chasing their dreams.  I believe that dreams are worth chasing, victories are worth celebrating, and fears are worth facing.  I believe these things not just for myself, but for you as well.

My hope is that in reading the words and seeing the dreams of others, you would be encouraged to chase your own dreams.  I hope that this project will be an encouragement for my readers and for dream-chasers alike.  I am so excited about this, and have already been amazed by the bits and pieces I have already heard of these stories.

Do you have a story you would like to share?  A photography business you want the world to see?  A website you just launched?  A creative business you just began?  A KickStarter you’re getting off the ground?  I want to share your dreams and celebrate your bravery.  Send your story my way!

Chasing Dreams will begin Wednesday will begin with the unbelievably brave and talented Emily Haas.  You don’t want to miss it.