Road Trippin’

Two weeks ago, Macie and I loaded up the CRV and headed across the country, making our (very roundabout) way to Indianapolis, and eventually to Wilderness Ranch.  Maybe you followed our hashtags, #twocutegirls #toocutegirls 🤗
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.37.47 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.35.38 AM

Our first stop was Wallace, Louisiana, where we visited the Whitney Plantation.  Holy moly.  I don’t even have the words to explain how powerful this experience was for us.  If you follow along with the teaching blog (which is soon to have its own domain name and legitimacy as well, due to some new funding from my school 🙌), then you might remember how poorly I taught the Civil War and slavery this year.  In the middle of teaching, I realized that I actually knew nothing  about slavery.  I thought I did, because I knew that it existed and went to school for 17 years, but when I stopped to reflect on what I was doing, I realized that my education had failed me.

During that same time during the school year, I found this video about America’s only slavery museum, The Whitney Plantation.  I watched the video and knew that the only way to really learn about our country’s history with slavery would be to visit the seemingly only place where its history and legacy is documented.  I was amazed with the Whitney Plantation and our tour guide, Ali.  In two hours at the plantation, I learned more about slavery than I ever did in school.  I was horrified at so many of the things that we learned, but I am so grateful for the experience, and so thankful for the new found confidence I have about teaching this time in our history.  There is sure to a new post on the museum soon, so stay tuned.




The rest of our stops were much more lighthearted.  We spent a few hours in the French Quarter, explored downtown Nashville (where we both decided we could stay forever), and then made it all the way to Indianapolis to celebrate our beautiful friends Abby and Tony at their wedding.


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IMG_0217 IMG_0233


After so many hours in the car and so many miles on the road, I only have two pieces of advice for you:

  1. When packing, always check for cockroaches before transferring camping gear from the garage to the car.  Yes.  COCKROACHES.  This is real and our friend Tyler deserves a gold medal for the way he handled the situation, and the Wilderness Ranch work crew deserves a million dollars for their selfless de-roaching services.
  2. Check out the Criminal podcast.  I’ve never been a big podcast girl, but have loved listening to these.  Specifically, you should listen to the episode “Just Mercy.”  It will wreck your heart and blow your mind.


Today I’m in Denver, simultaneously running a shuttle service for Wilderness Ranch and visiting with my best friends.  Tomorrow I’ll hit the road again, and on Monday I’ll be back in the mountains with only a Bible, a map, and a backpack: all that a girl really needs to feel alive.  🙌


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