Chillin’ out, Maxin’, Relaxin’ all Cool

Summertime is a glorious time.  For students and teachers alike, it’s the most beautiful two or three months of the year.  By this time every summer for the past few years, I have already booked it out of town and headed to the mountains.  This year, though, due to two beautiful friends and their upcoming wedding🎊, I’m sticking around Austin a few weeks longer than usual.

These three weeks mark not only my first teacher summer, but the longest span of summertime I have spent in Austin in years.  It’s a unique period of time.  After my tour of high school graduation parties, (hooray and congratulations to my beautiful McCallum graduates!), my best friends heading to Colorado, some permanently and some temporarily 😫, I have been left with a couple weeks full of time to myself.  So what else is a single girl left to do but make a killer batch of sangria and lay poolside for 10 days straight?  To all my single ladies, all my teacher friends, and all those with sunny weather time to fill, here’s the recipe to a good time.🍹

First, I signed up for VBS, which is, for those of you who didn’t grow up in the glory of the Bible belt, Vacation Bible School.   I finally joined a church this year, and needed a both an opportunity to get involved as well as a reason to wake up and shower every morning, so VBS sounded like an answer to this summer girl’s prayers.  So every morning, I wake up, spend three hours with 14 third graders (who, despite my impeccable teacher skills, I have 0 control over), and then I come home to lay poolside.

Ingredients for the best poolside experience of your life:


  1. Pool float.  Have you seen all of the trendy girls laying out on pizza and donut pool floats?  Pretty cute.  You could go that direction, or you could be a #thriftygirl instead of a #trendygirl, save $30,  and get this $8 pool float from Amazon.  🤔
  2. Cute cup with a straw.  This way, you don’t have to exert your stomach muscles to sit up to take a sip of sangria. And, you look cute. 🤗  Check the dollar section at Target.
  3. Sangria.  Do I drink this by myself?  Yes.  Should I be ashamed of solo day drinking?  No.  I spent the morning at VBS, remember?


BA Poolside Sangria:

Really, this sangria consists of what I already had in my kitchen.  It’s a beautiful concoction.

The following ingredients are not measured, and may be poured in varying amounts depending on your current needs.

  1. orange juice (you could also use concentrate)bottle_ruby
  2. Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon
  3. Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka
  4. grapefruit La Croix (substitute with champagne if you’re really tryna #turnup)
  5. fresh limes, juiced and sliced
  6. frozen strawberries, or any other fruit you have
  7. I added a splash of pomegranate juice


Combine.  Stir.  Shake.  Etc.  Drink responsibly.

Lather up in suntan oil, grab a good book, (here’s what I’m reading), convince your dog that swimming is fun, and lay poolside until your healthy glows starts to feel not so healthy.  Sleep.  Repeat.




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